Aircraft cabin mock-ups

KVAND ASHM, CJSC possesses good knowledge in design, production and assembly of aircraft mock-ups for flight attendant training:

  • Cabin Service Trainer (CST)
  • Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET)
  • Door Trainer (DT)
  • sostware creation
  • furniture and interior elements
  • electrical system
  • LED light system
  • utility compartments (galleys, lavatories, wardrobes)
  • air conditioning
  • fire alarm system
  • power-supply system (inclusive of uninterruptible power supply for   electronic devices)
  • restricted excess system

By applying advanced design engineering concepts, current technologies and materials, KVAND manufactures passanger cabin mock-ups, which are to the utmost comparable to aircraft originals in:


The mock-ups are used to train flight attendants in ensuring safety and comfort of passengers while boarding, flying and leaving the aircraft, as well as emergency training.  Dimensions, functions, operating modes, LOPA's, color and materials agree with originals.

All mock-ups are equipped with IOS (Instructor Operating Station).


The systems to ensure the mock-up operation are as follows:

  • Conditioning
  • Fire alarm
  • Power supply system( including UPS for electronic devices)
  • Restricted excess system