Yak-42D project 01

This project features the latest developments of the company's leading engineers such as LED lighting, advanced shower system, electricity powered furniture, electric window shades, computer-based entertainment equipment control system.

Every interior detail has been carefully designed and manufactured. In addition to the spacious conference hall, the cabin is equipped with a comfortable bedroom. There is a large double bed in the VIP lounge, as well as a nicely decorated bathroom with a shower booth and a bidet. These amenities are available at any altitude, and their use is not any different from usual, although all lavatories in VIP aircraft are very complex technical solutions.

An important part of the cabin layout is the galley, where, unlike on ordinary planes, natural coffee, fresh juice and full lunches can be prepaired.

At a customer’s wish the aircraft has additionally been equipped with a satellite telephone link enabling the passenger to keep in touch with any geographical location around the globe. The plane is also equipped with Aeroshow system. A fairly large screen connected to GPS system informs the passenger of the aircraft’s location at any given moment during the whole flight. A special video camera allows the passenger to enjoy the exciting moments of take-off and landing as if he were in the cockpit with pilots.